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Foto: Django Roberts

Welcome in my world of stories! Storytelling is my way of life. I tell them by the fireside and under ancient trees, but I also tell the myth and lore of ancient times in more modern settings. You can see me performing on many festivals and parties in the Netherlands and Vlaanderen. I told my stories at Castlefest and the Elf Fantasy Fair, Eigentijds Festival and the Archeon. But you can also hire me to perform for your event! This could be a birthdayparty, wedding, Halloween or Christmasmarket. Every event has its own story..

I tell myths and legends from all over the world. But my specialties are stories from the Celtic and Nordic tradition. Telling stories on countless occasions gave me a repertoire of some 300 different stories from which I can choose. Maybe I can tell such a story by your campfire!

I get inspired by nature and symbols. This gives me the energy to perform, but also to write. I write articles and books about the esoteric significance of different stories. I am also available for lectures, treewalks, naturewalks and walks in my favourite town Amersfoort. All these activities will encompass lots of storytelling! I will tell my stories wherever and whenever I can, because storytelling is my passion.  When I tell my stories I will use my expression, mimicry and emotion, my heart and my hands!

If you want to contact me please go to Contact en Prijzen.